Twobot Support Center

Risk Disclosure

Users of Twobot auto trading service must fully understand the following:

  • Please read the following notices carefully before you use the service.
  • Cryptocurrency margin trading is a type of investment product such as stocks, futures options, and funds, where there is a chance of loss.
  • Twobot only provides an auto trading program but does not involve any other transactions (withdrawals, transfers, etc.) by users.
  • Twobot is not responsible for any decrease or loss in the value of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin.
  • Users are responsible for any problems caused by changes of parameters or manual transaction execution in the automated trading program of Twobot.
  • Twobot does not manage the cryptocurrency of users and is not responsible for any security-related issues in the funds stored in the exchange.
  • Users should be aware that this program is not an asset management system, but merely an automated trading tool.
  • Users should not take more risks than they can afford.