Operation Status

The initial value is arbitrarily set to 1 million won for both lines

Period : 2018.01.01 ~ Present

Blue line : When trading with the 'Twoot' algorithm   Seed change graph (slippage 0.1%, fee 0.1% applied)

Red line : Seed change graph when holding Bitcoin (Slippage and fee not applied)


Sales through 'Twobot' algorithm
$1,000 -> $4,160 seed upward upward (in 316% revenue)

Trading through Bitcoin Hold
$1,000 -> $380 Seed downward (62% loss)

Cumulative Performance

Cumulative Return288% (3.88times)

Cumulative Transaction AmountApprox. 5million dollor

  • Operating period 2018.01.01 ~ 2024.07.25
  • Operating date 2397days
  • Slippage 0.1% applied
  • Transaction fee 0.2% applied collectively
  • Tax Non-tax
  • MDD Approx. 10% (maximum drop)

Introduction to Trading Strategies

The 'TREND FORMER' used in bull markets and the 'CANON SHORTER' used in bear markets are both algorithms based on trend-following strategies.
We have built our own automated trading solution with our own algorithms and data accumulated over the years in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.
Now, leave your difficult investment to the 'Twobot' automatic trading system.

What is a trend-following strategy?
A strategy that establishes positions in the same direction as the direction of the trend, expecting that the mid- and long-term trend will be maintained in the future.